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Banter's a mobile app that aims to connect users with information about the local nightlife scene such as where they can find a happy hour, a live music show, a cool DJ, or a bar with a fun vibe - all in real-time.

Ever get to a bar with friends only to leave moments later because it wasn't what you were looking for?  Ever have to walk from bar to bar looking for one that will have enough space for your friends but isnt' totally dead?

We think it's totally ridiculous that there's not an easy way for you to know what's going on now at nearby bars, restaurants, clubs and live music venues.  If we're able to use our phones to know which streets have traffic, how come we can't use them to do something much more fun - know the real-time busyness and vibe of different places in your city?

Image titleWe're cracking the code. Through a combination of web-scraped and crowd-sourced content, we're building the largest global platform of real-time nightlife information.  We've launched in multiple cities across the United States, and have users posting on Banter all over the world.

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Banter lets you see in real-time, what's going on at nearby bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.  You can:

 - Find happy hours, live music, DJs, comedy shows, open mic nights and more, all through a single map*

 - See what people in your city and around the world have been saying about the places they're at & know which ones are busy, their vibe, music and even gender ratio

 - Share photos from where you are to let others know how awesome or lame the place that you're at is like

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Banter was launched as a public beta on iOS and Android for a pilot program in San Francisco in November 2014.  While the initial version was able to get over 1,500 users, it was very basic, and not interactive or social, so the team continued improving the product for about 4 months, creating crowd-sourcing functionalities, social featuers and scalable technical processes.

Image titleAfter launching multiple updates, Banter began seeing better retention and engagement metrics in May due to a few product improvements and marketing efforts with local organizations and events in San Francisco (e.g. University of San Francisco Senior Stumble).  In June, Banter soft-launched in New York City, Los Angeles and Boston, and began recruiting dozens of Brand Ambassadors all across the world.Image title

We're now going global. Users can post updates from anywhere in the world.  We've seen posts from Spain, Peru, India and many more countries.  We're going to continue focus on growing user bases in new cities over the course of the summer.

We'll also continue improving and updating the app over the next few months to make it more cool and fun to use, and to help Banter grow all over the world.

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The Banter Team has been working together for many months.  We're all fully dedicated to making Banter the most awesome real-time nightlife app so it can provide our users with the best information on where to go on a night out.

We consider our Ambassadors (i.e. YOU) as a really important part of our team.  We want to get to know every single Ambassador so we can better understand what they're looking to get out of the app and learn how we can continue making it better.  So expect an e-mail or phone call from us if you choose to sign up!

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Other questions? Message the founder of Banter!, Diego Villarreal, here.